Diary Events

8/10/12 Bell Practices - Halifax Minster: Attendances at these practices have been much better on Friday's in 2016 than they have been on Wednesdays. Therefore we plan to stick to Friday's for the first three months of 2017 and see how numbers work out. The next practice is on 17th March.

Saturday 18th March - Branch AGM - The AGM and Training Day is based at towers around Pudsey on Saturday 18th March. 

At the AGM itself there will be vacancies on the committee for the following posts:

  • Secretary YACR Edcuation Committee 
  • Representative YACR Bell Repair Fund 
  • Representative Committee members 
  • Newsline Editor (Pat is willing to continue but would not stand in the way if anyone else wishes to have a go!)

Sunday 30th April - Tour de Yorkshire