Peal History

Here is a record of all the peals ever rung at All Saints', Bingley. As you will see the tower has a long and noble peal history. Indeed the 'Bingley Youths' were astonishingly advanced for a provincial company of ringers in the eighteenth century. 

1. 1768 Apr 5th Minor (Methods unknown)
2. 1794 Feb 12th Minor (Seven methods)
3. 1809 Jun 26th Minor (Methods unknown)
4. 1853 Nov 12th Minor (Seven methods). See note 1 below
5. 1855 Sept 22nd Minor (Eight methods) See note 2 below
6. 1876 Feb 12th Kent Treble Bob Major1881 Apr 23rd 5056 Kent Treble Bob Major FALSE PEAL 

Composed by James Lockwood. Conducted from the Tenor by none other than Jasper Snowdon, but he was, after all, the great pioneer of ringing, so it is good that he rang at Bingley.

7. 1882 Nov 25th Kent Treble Bob Major
8. 1887 Apr 11th Kent Treble Bob Major
9. 1896 Feb 1st Kent Treble Bob Major
10. 1897 Oct 16th KentTreble Bob Major
11. 1901 Feb 3rd Kent Treble Bob Major
12. 1902 Jan 19th Kent Treble Bob Major
13. 1902 Jun 20th Kent Treble Bob Major
14. 1905 Mar 7th Oxford Treble Bob
15. 1908 Feb 29th Grandsire Triples
16. 1927 Jul 2nd Kent Treble Bob Major
17. 1929 Aug 10th Double Norwich Court Bob Major
18. 1933 Dec 26th Cambridge Surprise Major
19. 1939 Mar 4th Superlative Surprise Major
20. 1969 May 24th Superlative Surprise Major
21. 1987 Oct 31st Plain Bob Major
22. 1988 Nov 5th Grandsire Triples
23. 1989 Nov 4th St Clements College Bob Major
24. 1990 Nov 3rd Sowerby Exercise Delight Major
25. 1991 Aug 2nd Plain Bob Triples
26. 1991 Nov 9th Violet Treble Bob Major
27. 1992 Oct 31st Primrose Surprise Major
28. 1994 Nov 20th Bingley Surprise Major
29. 1995 Mar 11th Wodnes Surprise Major
30. 1997 Nov 9th 5152 Bradford Delight Major
31. 2004 Oct 31st 5040 Plain Bob Triples
32. 2005 Jun 11th 5024 Spliced Surprise Major 8 methods
33. 2009 Feb 7th 5014 Pudsey Surprise Major
34. 2012 Feb 8th 5050 Yorkshire Surprise Major 

Note 1: the first 4 peals were before the YACR was inaugurated and peal No 32 was rung with no members of the YACR present. 

Note 2: a previously unknown peal found in July 2012

From the Leeds Intelligencer, Tues. 25 Sept. 1855:

CHANGE RINGING AT BINGLEY.—On Saturday last six persons ascended the tower of the Parish Church, Bingley, and rang 5040 changes in the following peals:—Oxford, Violet, New London, Pleasure [sic], Duke of York, College Treble, Primrose, and Tulip. The men were stationed as follows:—Jonas Hainsworth, treble; Edward Walbank, 2; T. Wilkinson Green, 3; John Redman, 4; Wm. Redman, 5; Thos. Green, tenor; T. Wilkinson Green, conductor. The time occupied in ringing was three hours six minutes, and the performance was of a superior quality.