Ringing & Practice Times

Please note: All ringing is currently cancelled due to Covid19.

We practice every Tuesday night from 7.30 to 9pm and for Morning Service every Sunday from 9.45am to 10.30am.

Access to the ringing chamber is made via a door located on the north side of the tower.

For each Tuesday practice we concentrate on a method of the month so the team know in advance what we will be ringing and can revise beforehand. It also ensures everyone, who wants to, gets to ring the special method, instead of some people getting a go and others missing out if we only happen to ring it once in the evening. Those who wish can treble, cover and if desired learn a touch knowing they will get chance to call it. 

Rounds & Calls and Plain Hunt are on the menu as and when required i.e. for new ringers or for people moving from Doubles to Triples to practice hunting on higher number. 

Before practice on the second Tuesday of each month we meet at 6.15pm at The Shama Restaurant in Bingley for a curry.