Ringing for Weddings

The ringing of bells for Weddings at All Saints’ Parish Church is always of a high standard.

It is recognised that this is a special ceremony; therefore only experienced ringers are invited to take part in the ringing.
Whenever possible we aim to have eight bell ringers in attendance for two hours. They ring until the bride arrives and if the wedding begins at the arranged time, this section of ringing lasts thirty minutes. Ringing continues after the ceremony
and will always stop after two hours have elapsed or when all guests have left for the reception whichever is the sooner.

An example of a two hour, wedding ringing slot:
  • The wedding ceremony is arranged for 2:00pm
  • Ringing begins at 1:30pm
  • The ceremony begins on time and the ringing stops at 2:00pm
  • The ceremony ends at 2:45pm
  • The bells are rung again until 3:30pm.

If the bride is particularly late, the ringers will use their discretion, but the bells will always be rung for the bride as she leaves the car and walks to the church. The lateness of the wedding ceremony can however curtail the
length of the ringing afterwards, as the ringers often have other commitments and cannot continue ringing indefinitely. The ringers are booked for a two hour slot only.
If your ceremony includes nuptial mass or additional individual arrangements we would appreciate it if you would forewarn us so arrangements can be made.

Weekday Weddings

To provide bells for weekday weddings involves seeking ringers, who are not working, from other towers in Yorkshire. Over the past several years weekday weddings seem to have been increasing in number in many churches. For this reason it has become increasingly difficult to form a band for these weddings since weekday ringers are in great demand.

Every effort is made to provide the bells for weekdays, but couples should be aware that it may not be possible to guarantee the availability of a band of ringers. As much notice as possible of bells for weekday weddings will increase our chances of arranging a band of ringers.

Keeping Us Informed

Help us ensure the ringing for your wedding runs smoothly. Please complete and return the reply slip electronically or by post two weeks before your wedding.

Both addresses are on the reply slip.

The fee for wedding bells is £225. A deposit of £50 is required which is non-refundable if the bells are cancelled within the two week period leading up to the date of the wedding.

If arrangements change after this, or for any further inquiries, please contact:

Email: bingleybellringers@hotmail.com